How to dress when you are short?

For sure you should be comfortable and happy in your skin, we are just suggesting the few ways you can use your dressing to look the best and a bit taller along with it :)
There are few no-nos which one should avoid while dressing if you are shorter than 5, 4”, like wearing contrast twin color dresses which have a different color upper portion and a different color of the lower portion of the dress.
Another faux pas which I see a lot these days is three-quarter pants with chunky boots or shoes, no matter how well we dress, our dressing is going to highlight certain features of our body, and visible legs from three-quarter pants are going to make you look shorter than what you are.
Well, let us look at the simple things which can help you to look taller and help you shine more.
1)    Wear vertical Stripes – Trust me I am not asking anyone to dress like a zebra, subtle vertical stripes whether it is your dress or it is either your bottoms or tops. For a quick look, you can check out this dress with vertical stripes, which makes you look leaner and taller.

2)    Wide pants – I know the thought must be how can something which makes you look broader will make you look taller, well the trick is to combine these pants with high heels and let the pants cover a good part of your heels and get ready for compliments. You can try our off- white pants and see for yourself.

3)    Monochromatic- One of the best ways to avoid looking shorter is to wear monochromatic dresses. I am not suggesting to become somewhat bland in your dressing. Wearing monochromatic dresses with embroidered work on it can really help you to look taller and express yourself with beautiful embroidered dresses. One thing to watch out for is to avoid chunky footwear stick to minimal sorts like nude shoes or sandals. Check out our selection here for latest in embroidered dress designs.

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