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Indian Women after 35 – Fashion and lifestyle

We Indian women (mainly middle-class) want to look unique, beautiful, young even after 35 but what stops us? Why do most of us start putting on weight, care less for our skin. We are individual in our own right and dressing up appropriately and keeping ourselves fit can bring extra bling to our life. In western countries women even in her 70’s- 80’s are conscious of their attire, figure and love to follow trends. It is a difference of culture. In our society too much importance is laid on family and most of us take pride in saying we do not get time for ourselves. But are we not harming ourselves by neglecting our responsibilities towards ourselves and depriving ourselves of small pleasures.

It is high time we change our mindset. I don’t think we will be labelled selfish if we become a little style centric instead of being completely family centric.

While Saree looks good on a Indian Woman and will always remain all time favorite for many but todays woman can carry themselves quite well in a western wear too. There are certain advantages of Western wear. A woman in a top and a trouser/denim, skirt looks younger than in Saree. The attire itself gives you lot of mobility. You can sprint, hop on a bike or laugh aloud and you will be considered playful ,young and cool

Looking young ,feeling and staying young is important. It is all in the mindset. So what if you are a mother to a 20 year old or a teenage child . Dressing up in trendy garments is necessity to bring fun to our life. Wearing lovely top for a meeting or conference can add to our personality but nevertheless we have a life beyond it. We need to have some “My” time. A time when we go out with our friends in weekends for lunch or movie, have fun. So what if we have grown fat and presently have a pear shaped body. A well chosen style can conceal our fat and we can look fashionable.

All in all when we have balanced our personal and professional world why not try a wee bit little and be the young college girl we were.

Some lovely styles has helped me look good. .

In the meantime be happy, be cool and young.

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