Sea Green Embroidered Cold Shoulder Chiffon Top

MissGudi is a woman who is modern yet classic, feminine and timeless. She works to live on purpose, full of passion and authenticity, casual yet sophisticated, modern yet timeless, and edgy with a hint of glam. She knows the key to real beauty is in well-constructed & perfectly fitted clothes that act to accentuate her natural beauty & unique self.
MissGudi is a lifestyle brand that strives to ensure that it is wearable in all aspects of your busy life & in the many roles you play. The brand MissGudi exudes romance & playfulness, beauty & elegance, a little bit of edge and a hint of glam through its beautiful embroidered and embellished tops and dresses After all, we want you to feel like the boss of your world that you are. At MissGudi, we continually strive to exceed the expectations of our customers. We also seek to improve all aspects of our brand including customer service.
MissGudi Woman does not follow the trends, She makes trends that follow her. Buy what flatters you and it will be a timeless piece for seasons to come. We want our customers to love who they are and what they wear!
MissGudi seeks to empower women to live life beautifully. Inwardly and Outwardly. Our culture tells women that clothes and style make you beautiful, but it is You, who makes clothes beautiful. Not the other way around.
Your true beauty—your personality, your character, your passion and your integrity— will shine through any outfit. Clothes cannot define You. They’re merely an extension of who you are.

About Gudi Exports Pvt. Ltd.

Gudi Exports is a manufacturer of high value embellished and embroidered dresses, embroidered tops, skirts, shirts for women. It is India’s leading garment design house, backed by a large world-class manufacturing infrastructure. With state-of-art production facilities and a capacity to produce nearly 5000 pieces per day, GE aims to deliver high quality in a wide variety of products to suit its customer’s needs.

Founded in 1990, Gudi has successfully established itself as a one-stop shop for apparel solutions company. From concept through construction, to the finishing touches of each of your style, you can rely on our team to deliver a product tailored specifically for you. By interpreting a client’s style and needs, our designers can successfully incorporate function while following current fashion trends. We believe in long-term design value, which we achieve with quality manufacturing and through timeless designs.

Gudi Exports is fully compliant factory and certified by Sedex, CTPAT and various other agencies. We follow all the compliance norms of our buyers. The factory conducts social, technical and energy audits regularly and fully compliant with all the regulatory and buyer’s requirements. It is one of the most organized factories in the manufacturing processes and customer service.