How reliable are size charts while shopping online?

How well would it fit? It is the first question while shopping for clothes online. Almost every online shopping site offers easy returns but is it worth the pain to order something wait for it, just to return it and order again. So here are the steps you can take which will assure you do not have to change your top or dress later.

Size charts- It is easy to miss if the sizes are UK standards or US standards so always check the exact measurements which all the reliable online shopping sites mention, we make an extra effort to make sure we specify the exact sizes in inches online to avoid confusion.
Measurements- It is always better to get help from someone to take your exact measurements; it also helps if you Wear tight-fitting clothes while taking measurements. Compare the sizes with the given size chart and if in doubt order the next size
Type of fabric-Honestly! You don’t have to be a designer to understand how the fabric would behave. Be an informed buyer always make sure you know the fabric of the top or dress you are buying online. Avoid online shopping sites which don’t share this info.

Style- Size is also dependent on the style you are wearing for example box fit or pleated dress would not look nice if it is hugging you tightly, so we at make sure we design it to fall 1 inch larger on the body for effortless styling.
Conclusion- Reliability of size charts is always more on the online shopping sites which do have more information about the exact measurements and type of fabric they are selling online and in case of confusion always go for the next size as it generally fits better.

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