Garments as per your personality and body shape – Pear Shaped

Many of you must have read the earlier blog on garments for apple shaped. In this blog we’re focusing on the pear shaped woman and how pear shaped women can dress fashionably, be stylish and look fabulous. Just like the fruit, pear-shaped women have a relatively slimmer upper torso and bigger hips, waists and thighs. Usually pear shaped ladies have narrower shoulders and a smaller bust compared to the waist and lower half of the body. Fat tends to accumulate on your thighs and sometimes the buttocks. You tend to have an elongated waist and the legs tend to be shorter in comparison to the rest of your body. You have a defined waist . If you have most of the above mentioned characteristics you are a proud owner of pear shaped body. You may ask “why proud ”? I will tell you why you should be proud of what you have and flaunt it in the best possible way instead of cribbing on not so great areas. The Pear shaped body has many, many redeeming qualities… all of them upstairs. Your bust won’t be big so you can wear the delicate and strappy tops and won’t be conscious of yourself or look vulgar. Heavily embroidered or sequins tops will accentuate your torso. Your arms are nearly always toned to the point of perfection. So your top half is hard to fault. Muscular back, tiny waist and a card-hard stomach make you one lucky girl. So go forth and display your wears upstairs keeping the basement dark, murky and a mystery to the outside world. Pear shaped bodies should wear clothes that minimize the hip and thigh area and wear designs that will draw the attention to the upper part of the body. The best or most flattering garments for the pear shape women should be as follows- * Three quarter length tops – this length will effectively cover your less than flattering areas which are your hips, bottom and thighs. *It can be really fun to be creative with the tops you wear. You will find that it is difficult to go wrong when choosing tops with colour, detail, bold print that will draw the eyes upwards *Blouses and tops with beautiful patterns and textures draws attention to your upper body up to your beautiful face. *The neckline is the perfect place for detail. So you can wear a neckline with embroidery, lace . Choose wider necklines like bateau, squared or cowl necks to show off the neckline and shoulders. * Things to make your top half look bigger: gilets sequinned tops pufball sleeves big earrings and big necklaces layering slashed necklines The website offers some lovely styles. The best appreciation for today’s woman is “ Wow you look so young, cool, trendy and you have maintained your figure so well. Please share the tips” . If you want to be that woman whom everyone looks up to then you have to think of taking a step towards knowing yourself and shed the inhibition which had pushed you to conceal yourself. Visit to see styles.

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