Switch your Formals

The New Year Eve's gone, but what about the surprise parties that your colleagues or even some good bosses throw up?

Wotcher Curves! Happy New Year to all of you all. I know we all are still in 2017 hangover but I am sure we will get over it.

All of us plan our NEW YEAR EVE outfits lot in advance but we forget those impromptu party plans that come up for almost a month at our workplace after the New Year's.

Gudi Cotton Grey Stripe Regular Shirt

I recently bought this formal shirt from Miss Gudi which I love for it's material and fitting on the sleeves and neckline. It is perfectly big and can be worn in several ways, it's one of those outfits that are multipurpose and go on every occasion and this is how I styled it for an impromptu party.

I wore it like a tshirt dress, pairing it with an old belt, formal wedges and pulled up socks. I did dramatic eyes and sober lips, you could also do bold lips and sober eyes.

Gudi Cotton Grey Stripe Regular Shirt

Gudi Cotton Grey Stripe Regular Shirt

Gudi Cotton Grey Stripe Regular Shirt

The few other ways you can switch your formals is,

  • Open two buttons of your shirt and wear it like a off shoulder over plazos or bell bottoms. Pair it with statement neck piece.
  • Add statement neck piece on any plain outfit along with dramatic eyemakeup or even a dramatic liner to switch it.
  • Let your hair open and add some bold RED lipstick and you are good to go.

Tell me how you styled your surprise party outfit.

Gudi Cotton Grey Stripe Regular Shirt

Until the next time.

Bear Hugs :-)

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