Meetings in Mint Green

Have you over done monochrome? Need some colour in your office wear or even the casual day out? May be some mint green.


Wotcher Curves! How is the week going? Mine is super worked up with the new semester in college and us studying the Padmavati controversy is interestingly gloomy. I have also been attending a lot of meetings and evening brunches lately and I had to stock up my closet.


The best place to get classic yet statement outfits affordably is MissGudi and I love Embellished pieces because they make me feel a certain importance. It is like feeling the fact of how much effort went into a gorgeous shirt.


I got this gorgeous shirt from MissGudi. The beauty of it is that, it is a bit sheer and light which makes it chic and the mint green Embellished makes it classic. That is how subtly you can add some colour to your work or evening wear.



I paired it up with my mint green trousers, you can go with the classic black as well. along with black shoes as I wanted it to be a practical work piece. Finishing the look with black and white stud earrings.



Otherways to add colour pop to your outfit is Acessories, bag, scarf, borders or pocket squares. Comment below if you know any other wasy, Until the next time.

Bear Hugs!

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