Summer Fashion 2017

Summer Fashion 2017 / Crop Tops & Prints

The summer trends have already been decided, so why not step right ahead of the field and start thinking what to wear this season! So buckle up; wear something new and stylish and here are some styles which should give you an idea!

In summers, you can never be disappointed with a cute and simple crop top that shows a little skin and is totally comfortable to spend your weekend in. This is an excellent piece with its thread embroidery, round neck and button placket at the back.

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Now, if you’re a person who loves to doll up in layered tops and net embellishment, then search no more because this is the top which you will adore and want to have in your wardrobe. It has a key hole at the back neck making it even more beautiful.

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If you’re a fan of colours, then this orange masterpiece featuring a round neck and button placket at the front and intricate thread embroidery will make you fall in love with it! Not only it is comfortable, you can also pass off as graceful and classy with this top.

[SHOP: Gudi Orange Embroidered Women Top ]

Rayon is the best choice in dry heat. This top is made with rayon will keep you sweat-free and cool throughout the duration you are wearing it for. With its red and blue embroidered short sleeves and Chinese collar, you are guaranteed to rock it!

[SHOP: Gudi Off White Embroidered Women Top ]

Crepe tops are quite trendy these days, and with well-fabricated, trendsetting summer tops, you will undoubtedly feel bolder. Featuring regular collar and a net embroidered lace at shoulders, these tops are both simple and unique at the same time.

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Beige coloured, leopard printed top with black mesh can be your pick of the week!

[SHOP: Gudi Women Biege Leopard Print Top ]



When wearing a crop top, it is probably the best to accompany it with denim shorts and sneakers. Of course, you can wear heels also.

Layered, crepe tops look wonderful when worn with a layered short skirt.

If you are on your way to a lavish party, the most favored option is to wear a dark red lipstick because hey, who can go wrong with red!

So ladies, you got the shop, you got the tips, and you got the brains; what are you waiting for?

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