Spring Fashion 2017 / 80s & Colors

Spring is a season of joy and colors. The season of laziness is finally over and women are all ready to shop for their spring wardrobe. If you’re also up for a nice online shopping spree, then scroll away and check out our Spring collection to start this year with a blast!


Here’s a definitive list of winning pieces for the season:

During spring, women love to dress up in layer clothing of lighter fabrics with a few frills here and there. Dresses with layers enhance your looks and make you look more attractive and bold. This kind of dress can be worn in a slightly cold weather.

Gudi Woman Blue Cotton Crop Top

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While cotton is the best option for a warmer climate, you also get a variety of other lightweight fabrics that are poly, chiffon, lace and embroidered ones. Some little embellishments on a casual top like this one, will give you an innocence and a simplicity.

Gudi Peach Full Sleeves Poly Crepe Casual Top

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Women mostly like to keep track with the ongoing fashion trends, and lately, the 80s are coming back into the trends. Long, flowy sleeves along with simple embroidery are now the new black!

Gudi Woman Brown Laced Top

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Gudi Grey Embroidered Casual Top

[Shop: Gudi Grey Embroidered Casual Top ]

With upcoming heat, it is often more comfortable to wear lace and net blouses. This way you wouldn’t have to worry about the constant changes in weather. You won’t get either too hot or too cold in these.

Gudi Black Net Embroidered Casual Top

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In the new fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2017, off–shoulder tops are more in swing these days! This type of clothing has become a rising curiosity among the young or old, alike.

Cold Shoulder

When you shop for Spring, always make sure to start the season with just a hint of exposure before you dive in headfirst into a sea of crop tops and bikinis for beach season.

Gudi Blue Stripes Off Shoulder Cotton Casual Top

[Shop: Gudi Blue Stripes Off Shoulder Cotton Casual Top]

This outfit will not only give you an elegant edge, but also keep you comfortable in your day out.


  • Always dress according to the weather. Spring is a season of versatility.
  • Headbands are perfect to prevent your hair from getting tangled and frizzy.
  • Wear peep–toe heels, flats or dressy sandals.
  • Adding a little accessory like belts, bangles, sunglasses or funky ear pieces will add a sparkle to your everyday look.
  • Aim for mostly brighter colors.

Now that you know what you have to do this season, you are all set to rock the Spring/Summer 2017! For your Spring wardrobe, visit our spring collections at MissGudi and subscribe for great discounts.

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