Skip the Pants

Summers in Mumbai are way too hot and Humid to wear Pants. So this Summer let's skip the pants, but how? READ THROUGH.

Wotcher Curves! It’s already summer and that just gives me a reason to kick off pants from my wardrobe and let the air in.

I am not a big fan of pants and hence skirts win over my summer wardrobe all the time.

I recently found this skirt at Miss Gudi and I absolutely love it because it can be styled in so many types. The colour is bright yet soothing and the fabric is so comfortable.

I paired it up with a cute croptop and a scarf, along with a bagpack to compliment my outfit.

But here are 3 ways in which you can style it.

1. Wear it like a tube top. The skirt has a strechable waist and hence it is just perfect as a tube top.

2. Create a fake slit skirt by opening the bottom three buttons of this buttonup skirt.

3. Open the buttons entirely to make a low-high skirt or a cape.

It is definitely a fun piece to style and hence I am gonna enjoy wearing it differently at every occasion.

So go get creative with it and tag Miss Gudi and me in your looks.

Do check them out here Miss Gudi Fashions and get your hands on some cute summer outfits!

Until the next time,

Bear hugs♥️

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