Edgy Going Out Look

Edgy fashion is unique and has signature ensembles that only you can pull off. This is why it’s crucial to go for clothes which represent your personality and items which are not necessarily on trend, thus will never go out of style.
Below is a master list of go-to pieces for women who want to fight the frump and look smart, energetic, youthful and appropriate.

You can wear these to parties ,out to dinner and anywhere else:
1. All black everything
Fantastic for mixing and matching, black items are a great investment. They can easily be paired with literally any garment and fabric.
2.  Printed tees
You definitely have one of these. Try pairing your tees with a tight fitting pencil skirt, or buy one a size bigger and pair with great fitting leggings.
3.  Sunglasses
These have been chic since a few years ago. If your eyes are sensitive to light, look into getting photochromic lenses to protect your eyes.
4. Make up
Do not be afraid to experiment with different hues to complete your look. We especially love bright bold shades of red lipstick.
5.  Chunky Jewelry 
No edgy fashion style is complete without statement pieces. Go for more chunky pieces to keep your look on point!

Whether it’s a special occasion or you fancy a new outfit for going out, our collection of women's party wear from MissGudi has the style for you. So, get ready to make your own unique style statement.

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