What to wear in monsoon season?

Each year after scorching sun breathes down our neck for three months, we get much-needed respite by rains during monsoon season. However, this happiness is short-lived and then we feel all hot and to top it up humid as well.
Now there is only so much you can do to control the humidity around you. Well, you can surely wear clothes which help you to bear the humid weather of monsoon season better.
Swap jeans for jeggings – We all have that pair of jeans which we have lived in, and it gives a serious boost to the pride of the gal to keep fitting in those pair over the years. But, for a few months, you have to swap them for a pair of jeggings or pants. Check out the back-up to your favourite pair of jeans.

Wear cotton clothes- Agreed, Bollywood can’t do without chiffon in the rains, but for just for the sheer comfort of it you should stick to cotton and tops and dresses which breath better.

Dresses to the rescue – Easiest thing to do is to wear clothes that don’t stick to your body, and the chic way to do it is to wear dresses. These dresses by MissGudi falls flawlessly, does not stick to your skin and above all helps you stay chic in monsoon weather.

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